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Workplace Violence Security

Workplace Violence Security / Hostile Terminations

At Secure Options Consulting, LLC we are at the forefront of workplace violence prevention & intervention security  and security consulting services. Our Chief Executive Officer provided subject matter expertise on the Technical Committee, along with other SME's for the  Workplace Violence and Active Assailant - Prevention, Intervention, and Response Standard, ASIS International 2020.

We pride ourselves in a rapid response to potential workplace violence incidents when we are immediately contacted by our clients. We initiate our rapid planning process to each immediate deployment. This package entails assigning a Team Leader to the detail, conducting a mission plan,  activating our security operations center and protective intelligence platforms to ensure our field security personnel have been thoroughly informed. Should it be a hostile termination or just monitoring and deterring an active assailant situation, Secure Options can provide professionally trained armed security agents who have the expertise to de-escalate an active assailant incident. Should the situation or circumstances change, our security agents can transition their tactics, techniques and procedures to different response levels.

To learn more about our workplace violence security and consulting services, contact us at or call 1.866.850.686

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