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Emergency Response Teams

Security Emergency Response Teams

At Secure Options Consulting we’ve emerged once again as the leading strategic security company in the region. At the behest of current world events, trends, incident forecast and client demand we’ve implemented Emergency Response Teams into our capabilities. This cutting edge service was developed by our Chief Executive Officer through his expertise in developing strict administrative and operational standard operating procedures, a comprehensive Emergency Response Team selection process and continual sustainment training.

Our Emergency Response Teams are tailored for large scale events, special private and public events which are heavily populated and where public safety resources are overburdened or nonexistent. Our team’s primary tasks include surveillance, counter surveillance, prevention, interception, response, mitigation of any potential active assailant(s) / active threat situations. Additionally, each Emergency Response Team member has a collateral basic medical skill set of providing direct / indirect threat care to needing individuals.

For any questions regarding our Emergency Response Team Services contact us at or call us at 1-866-850-6863.

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