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Armed Security Services

Armed Security Guards

At Secure Options Consulting, LLC we provide the full spectrum of professional armed security guard services. Our professionally armed security personnel derive from the law enforcement, military and select top tier private security officers.

Active and retired law enforcement officers bring their countless years of expertise into the private security arena.  Many whom have decades of situational and training experience which is passed down to the client and special projects we serve.

Our Military Veteran and select top tier armed private security officers are carefully vetted.  Each is required to attend comprehensive training mandated by each state prior to being able to carry a firearm during the course of their armed security duties. At Secure Options we conduct a 48 hour firearm training course (IL course # 102-000324) for these employees and 8 hours of live fire training for each employee annually. 


Our armed security guard training is applied through a stair-stepped approach. We focus on administrative, legal and professional regulations in the classroom.  Our next steps begin with dry-fire and dry weapon manipulations and then will progress to live-fire relevant skill building drills. Upon satisfactorily and safely completing the skill building phase, each trainee is then put through a qualification course approved by the State of Illinois. 

To learn more about our Armed Security Services, contact us at or call 1.866.850.6863.

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