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Executive Protection
Training Course

Executive Protection Training Course 

Our executive protection training course is designed for qualified individuals who have an interest and are seeking training and employment in the profession of executive protection. This course is designed to teach future practitioners the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to succeed while operating as an executive protection specialist. Furthermore, it embraces the principles of business, family office & corporate etiquette, which is much lacking in the protection industry.  This course is taught and drawn upon from over 20 years of relevant executive protection experience throughout the US and International arena’s from primarily private sector protectors and public sector agents who’ve provided protection at the highest levels of government.  It has been the guiding foundation for many private sector executive protection specialists and has provided them with the proper planning, briefing, protective intelligence / threat assessment, security driver training, core soft and hard skills focusing on cultivating protectors to be a business enabler to their clients. Additionally, the course is a reality driven class on what actually happens in the field of executive protection. We teach the solo practitioner application of executive protection. Rarely will you operate with the compliment of a full protection team like you would see on government details. Unfortunately, most executive protection training mirrors government security details, which is not the case on private executive protection details. We do compliment the team environment with our training in the event you find yourself supplementing other protection teams or have established a relatively new executive protection team. This course was developed to set our students up for success in the business world, working independently or for working with other contract security companies.


Course curriculum:










  • Administration / registration

  • Selection of personnel                           

  • Organization of  a protection detail       

  • Case studies                     

  • Security survey                                     

  • Client interview                                      

  • Protective Intelligence / Threat Assessment                                           

  • Formations

  •  Positioning 

  • Counter Surveillance

  • Executive Protection Operations Center / GSOC

  • Communications for Executive Protection

  • Mission planning, rapid planning process and briefing                    

  • Plan for final exercise                   

  • Brief final exercise                                 

  • Final exercise                                       

  •  Debrief  final exercise                  

  • The solo practitioner                             

  •  Physical attack / defensive tactics      

  • Attack on client drill - time vs distance 

  • Arrivals / departures                              

  • Safety / skill building drills 

  • Venue advance survey                         

  • Route selection and survey                   

  • Vehicle selection and layout                 

  • Executive protection driving 

  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care 

  • Technology / applications                     

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Learn more about our executive protection training programs on they they can assist you individually, your corporate security team or even your contract security company. Our stair stepped approach to training ensures the proper methodological steps are taken before progressing to actual training scenario.

Additionally, should you or your team work armed executive protection details, we also provide executive protection firearms training taught by our qualified and certified firearms instructors whom have years of operational and teaching experience.

Call us toll free at 1.866.850.6863 or you can email us at for a free consultation on our executive protection training programs. 

Visit our blog post on The Solo Executive Protection Practitioner @

or download a hard copy.

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