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Executive Protection 99 (2).jpg

Secure Transportation Services

Security Driver / Executive Protection Services

As part of our comprehensive Executive Protection Services we also provide secure transportation services to our clients. This aspect of our business was based on client demand due to the ever changing threat landscape involving vehicles in transit and the surge of carjackings across the nation.  As our Security Driver's focus on safe transportation, our clients can enjoy additional time to focus on business or personal matters.

Each of our security drivers have attended a verifiable security driver training course or have attended our resident executive protection course which includes security driver operations. Also, with this particular service, we utilize our meticulous route planning process to ensure a safe and expedient transport. Each of our transports are monitored by our security operations center personnel to ensure accountability and the location of our transports. Our security operations center also informs our security drivers of any emerging threats or concerns along their chosen routes. Should any emergencies occur, our security driver will take evasive action or change to an alternate route. Our security operations center can immediately notify 911.

To learn more about our secure transportation services, contact us at or call 1.866.850.6863.

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