Active Shooter(s) / Active Threat Consulting:  
Secure Options Consulting, LLC has devoted a bulk of our time to training and consulting our clients in Active Shooter / Active Threat Incidents. We lead the security industry in this field because we have actually been involved in such incidents from preventative measures, we have witnessed what actions are taken by the shooters and victims alike. Additionally, there are many byproducts and hazards that occur during these incidents which complicates conditions. We have experience in dealing with these adverse conditions. It is our mission and passion to share our reality and principle driven measures with our clients to minimize future problems. With the Active Shooter threat on the rise in the United States and across the globe we've decided to have a single web page devoted to these incidents. It's our intention at Secure Options Consulting to provide each of you with some simple,  safe cost effective solutions on what you can expect and what actions to take which will increase your survivability and recovery efforts. 

Preventing an Active Shooter / Active Threat incident from occurring is ideal.  The reality being that sometimes this is not the case.  Rarely do individual(s) go undetected.  We've developed our very own Situational Threat Assessment Indicator Rating. (STAIR) . Our cutting edge STAIR concept is battle tested and proven. Feel free to contact us regarding our preventative measures and the STAIR concept.


Why choose Secure Options Consulting, LLC for your Active Shooter / Active Threat Consulting? 

  • Proven verifiable law enforcement and security experience - references available

  • Unmatched credentials - board certified Physical Security Professional ASIS International

  • Best In class security assessment - exceeds industry standards

  • Incomparable stair stepped active shooter training exercises

Definition of an Active Shooter: 
An active shooter incident is defined by U.S. government agencies as "an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area." 

Side Note 1:

It would also include multiple shooters and is not only limited to firearms. 


Types of Active Shooters: (U.S. Homeland Security) 

  • Workplace/school 

  • Criminal 

  • Ideological (Terrorists) 

Side Note 2:

It could also be a hybrid type of Active Shooter as we witnessed in San Bernardino County California, the terrorist committed the shootings against his coworkers. 

What to do when confronted with an Active Shooter / Threat: 
Run, Hide, Fight! Many consultants and trainers are for and against this concept for various reasons. Mostly monetary. I myself am a big advocate of this training video. It single handedly is the most effective training video in regards to Active Shooters / Active Threats. If you or your organization is on a shoe string budget, this is what you need to watch and study to increase your survivability. Below is the link to the video. I will also expound on each topic so you can understand their importance and why we would do this.


Why run? Running gives you time and options. It gives you a chance to survive. It is extremely difficult for a shooter to strike a moving target , period. Believe me from experience. Just like birds scatter right away when you approach them. We need to do the same, move and run fast. Remember when you were a kid playing dodge ball, did you just let your opponent nail you with the ball? Of course not. You moved or ran away to a different location. Make the bad guy work a little bit if they choose to make you a victim. The below link shows the Paris France Terrorist Attack / Active Shooters. Take note how some of the people who ran away survived. Additionally, firearms do malfunction, capitalize on this and save your life. At times luck does come into the equation. It's important to take advantage of this. 

Watch the below link. 

Hide: We are all pretty good at this from playing hide and seek. We are hiding to avoid detection from the bad guy. If we avoid detection, we survive. Additional tips include, locking any doors if you're in a room, barricade the door if time permits, turn off the lights, maybe close some blinds, silence cell phones and remain quiet. Don't answer the door or move until rescued by police or the proper authority. Start to formulate a plan if you do have to fight. 

Fight: If you cannot run or hide, as a last resort, fight. This is very difficult for many people, none of us signed up to be instant security or police officers at work, school or in public. The fact of the matter is that you have an immediate life or death problem. You owe it to your families to give it your best shot and not be a victim. You owe it to all of those who have died before us in previous active shooter incidents to fight. Even better, if multiple people around you are fighting the bad guy this increases all of your chances of surviving. Be creative, use whatever object can make the perfect weapon to take the bad guy down or out of commission. It can be done!!!! Look at what those American Servicemen accomplished in France. They prevented multiple casualties and displayed to the rest of the world why America is and always will be a great country.