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Residential Security Teams (RST)

Residential Security Teams

Residential security teams also known as RST's in the professional security and executive protection communities provide an additional ring / layer of security to high net worth individuals residential properties.  Many of these residential security teams are employed at residential properties, primary residences, secondary homes and can even be utilized securing condominium properties in an urban environment.  Many times in our urban environment we work on behalf of several clients or the condominium association.

Our primary residential security details work under the guidance of our overall executive protection plan for our clients.  As our close protection team's focal point is with our executive protection client, the residential security team will manage the safety and security of the residence and additional properties.

Our residential security team process consists of our security consultants conducting a residential security assessment of our client's property.  This assessment is designed to identify known threats, forecast unknown threats, vulnerabilities and recommend security countermeasures and solutions. It will allow us to more effectively deploy our personnel.  An executive summary and PowerPoint presentation is delivered to the client so they can have an understanding on which risk management alternative will work best for them. 


Operationally speaking, our residential security team conducts patrols of the property, drone operations of large rural properties, monitor video surveillance and alarm systems, access control, protective intelligence, contractor and vendor verification.  As residential crime has been increasing, this has been a popular service in many major cities.

To learn more about our residential security and consulting services, contact us at or call 1.866.850.686

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