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 Production and Film Security Services

Production and Film Security Services

At Secure Options we remain at the forefront of providing production and film security services.  Coupled with this professional service, we also extend beyond the static security and provide close protection and secured transportation to your celebrities, VIP's and other "at risk" individuals.  We ensure the safety of all cast, crew members and production property throughout your long film days.


Our process for securing your production and film locations parallels many of our other strategic security services.  This process includes a Physical Security Survey (Security Assessment) of your filming location - best in class,  Threat Assessment, continual Protective Intelligence monitoring, utilization our Security Operations Center, developing / co-developing emergency operations plans. Secure Options can even establish a robust security operations center within your your film site, have a satellite location or even utilize a mobile command center.

Security Project Management: 

Coordination with Location Managers

Brief managers on our emergency operations plans & discuss the following: 

  • Contingencies e.g. emergency evacuations, weather emergencies, etc

  • Fire and EMS emergency response plans

  • Active Shooter 

  • Shooting on or near your filming location

  • Safe locations (hard rooms) throughout your filming location

  • Liaison between local law enforcement

Coordination with Transportation Captains / Companies: 

  • We also provide secure transportation - at Secure Options, secure transportation is a skill set not a catch phrase

  • Proper route selection and survey

  • Threat Detection and Protective Intelligence 

To learn more about our production and film security support and consulting services, contact us at or call 1.866.850.686

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