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School Security Consulting

School Security Consulting

At Secure Options Consulting we are very passionate about our School Safety and Security Consulting.  According to our government, schools make up approximately 29% of the Active Shooter Incidents across the country. The need for qualified and technically competent security consulting services are a must.


Our company is at the forefront of the school security consulting business.  Our team has consulted and trained numerous police officers / SWAT, school security personnel, educators, school administrators and others in the full spectrum of school violence. Additionally, some team members have had the experience of being engaged in real world active shooter / hostage rescue incidents which gives us great insight and experience on response measures. We've introduced cutting edge and principle based tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP's) to law enforcement and school personnel for these unfortunate incidents.  

After analyzing active shooter incidents since the Columbine High School tragedy, we developed a reality / principle based program to assist schools and government agencies dealing with these incidents. We've developed  Proactive  School Active-Shooter Training. (PSAT) This methodology encompasses every basis from preventative  measures, such as conducting a physical security survey of the school, to additional proactive measures a school can take to safe guard their students and employees.  PSAT then evolves into proven counter measures of the active shooter cycle and lastly it incorporates the training component of the program.  The training component is where we incorporate all of the skill sets and principles together so administrators and school staff can fully understand the complexity of the incident.

Learn more how our school security consulting services can assist you at or call 866-850-6863.

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