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Professional Security Guard Services

Chicago Security Services

Secure Options Consulting, LLC being headquartered in Chicago, Illinois has tailored specific security processes and functions for our security services which operate in the Chicago and metropolitan area.

The security services we provide in the Chicago and metropolitan area are armed security, unarmed security, concierge security services. This type service is normally seen at major sporting events, conferences,  condominium lobbies or even a high-rise building lobby area.

Prior to commencing these local based projects and services we begin with our security planning process to ensure we have the appropriate post orders and training as required by our client.

An additional step in our planning process is to conduct a Physical Security Survey (Security Assessment) of our client's property or footprint as a value-add. This is conducted to inform our client and security personnel of any threats and vulnerabilities which they may be exposed while working this assignment.

Security Operations Center: Each Chicago based detail we operate at Secure Options utilizes a security operations center. In short, this allows us to maintain accountability on our employees and clients' assets. The security operations center disseminates relevant vetted intelligence to our personnel in the field and clients a like, should they request this information.

To learn more about our Chicago Security Services, contact us at or call 1.866.850.686

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