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Diplomatic Protection

Diplomatic Executive Protection

Diplomatic Protection is at the forefront of our executive protection services. At Secure Options we can support a multitude diplomatic protection missions from close protection, venue protection, secure transportation / security drivers, Counter Assault Teams (CAT), communications, medical and logistical support. 

Additionally, with many diplomatic missions located throughout Chicago, Illinois,  Secure Options can provide the necessary protective support to ensure embassy and consulate office's can be protected and fully operational.


Our Diplomatic Protection Personnel: Our diplomatic executive protection personnel are a carefully selected group of individuals from public safety, private security sectors & former military service members. Each member has extensive experience in conducting protective service details for dignitaries, executives and their families. Additionally, each member has completed our signature Executive Protection Training Course (SOC EPTC) or a verifiable executive protection training course from reputable instructors/entities. In conjunction with this cutting edge training, we conduct in-service training on the proper protection etiquette in relation to each client we serve.


For any questions regarding our Diplomatic Executive Protection Services contact us at or call us at 1-866-850-6863.  We can support your organization at the local, national and global levels.

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