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Case Study # 6 VIP / Celebrity / Executive Protection 

Secure Options Consulting, LLC secured an Executive Protection contract for several years on a famous TV show host and personality.  Much of the procurement and interview process we illustrated about our company was our use of Protective Intelligence, our Global Security Operations Center and key employees with many years of experience in Executive Protection coupled with verifiable executive protection training.  At Secure Options we conduct our own resident Executive Protection Training Course or allow our employees to have attended a reputable Executive Protection training course from other verifiable industry leaders.


After a few years of the protection detail operating with no problems and no threats to our client we've noticed like many people following current events on public figures and celebrities an uptick in violence, targeted at these celebrities.  Much of this information was gained from our protective intelligence services and platform.  Recently our primary threats were focused mostly on local street crime and inadvertent attacks on people and places in downtown Chicago. As we witnessed many brazen attacks on live TV award shows and live comedy skits, we knew we also had to focus even closer on our live TV audience. This was a (2) pronged threat mitigation approach, our first method was to look at time and distance, and our second was to look the body language and stress reflex indicators that audience members posed arriving to the studio and being seated.

Our first approach method of time and distance or time vs distance was to look at a worst-case scenario of an attack on our client from the closest studio seats to the stage where our client would be sitting during filming. (Time vs Distance is the reaction time it takes our protectors to react and thwart an attack in relationship to the distance an attacker needs to travel.)  We calculated that we would need to be able to intercept a potential attacker, simultaneously evacuating our client to a safe location. We needed to calculate the time it would take the attacker from the front row seats, leap up on a stage and conduct an attack.  We practice timed this action with our most agile protection agent who completed the movement within 4 seconds.  We then tested this mock attack with our protection agents in their normal working spaces during live filming to ensure that we could adequately protect the client and yet intercept the attacker within that 4 second time estimate.  Sure enough, we were able to achieve this time standard from our current filming positions.

Our second proactive mitigation effort of analyzing audience body language and the stress reflex indicators the human body makes. Normally this is a challenging task for a protector, however since all the audience members proceed through one entry point which consists of check point of a handheld metal detection rendered by static security officers, then proceeding through a magnetometer and being searched, lastly 2 of our protection agents would attempt to analyze each person's demeanor, stress reflex indicators and body language.  As fortunate as we were, 1 person stood out to our team. First the person in question had trouble standing still in line, the person let a few other audience members proceed before him once he noticed the checkpoints in place.  As the individual walked past our protector's they could see he was slightly sweating, had tunnel vision and appeared to have an uncontrollable twitch in his right eye.  Could this all be just overreacting by our team, absolutely, however, a well-trained team understands not to overreact.  They followed our standard operating procedures just to take note of the person, keep an eye on them, radio the security operations center video surveillance operator to keep an eye on the person as well and record helpful video.

The attack on our client. As filming began within the first hour, our team noticed the subject sitting in the 4th row of the studio, moving around a lot. Then at a moment's notice while there was a loud applaud, you could see the attacker spring up from his seat, walk quickly down the aisle toward the stage, 2 protectors from our 4 person Executive Protection team intercepted the attacker who attempted to struggle and make his way up on the stage, the attacker spitting and screaming loudly at our client.  At the same time our 2 closest protectors escorted our client to a safe room within the studio until the situation was under control and the attacker was subdued.  The attacker was so determined and struggling that once the client was in the safe room, 1 of the Executive Protection agents had to relocate to the front of the stage and help detain the attacker.

After Action Review. At the conclusion of this incident, all executive protection and production crew team members exchanged in a debrief of what had transpired.  Many of the production crew members were satisfied with executive protection and unbeknownst to them, they didn't realize all of the processes involved providing executive protection services.

Case Study # 5: VIP / Celebrity / Executive Protection
A successful musician on the Chicago music scene was on his United States summer tour. During a show in the upper Midwest this musician was attacked while on stage performing.  As the show came to a halt the musician had to fight to defend himself.  Security in front of the stage missed the attack and the musician was alone.  Finally, able to escape the musician fled the stage as the venues security team finally secured the attacker.  After a short break the band and musician resumed playing to complete the show.

A few days after the show Secure Options Consulting received a call inquiring about our executive protection services. We had a meeting with the musician and his management team and presented our background, knowledge, skills and abilities in executive protection.  We signed a short term contract with the musician.

We were on the road quickly with the band and musician.  Our budget was extremely thin for this client.  We assigned 1 executive protection agent with the musician and 1 executive protection agent to conduct investigations and proactive security measures.  I was in our command post monitoring the movements of the band and musician in conjunction with the protection team.  As always we’re quick with a robust solution due to our industry leading rapid planning process for executive protection work.

Our investigative agent while on the move on a tour bus began conducting a threat assessment on the client via, open source, social media and other sources of information. Additionally, this executive protection agent would conduct a physical security assessment of the upcoming concert venue, liaison with venue security to enhance security measures. Lastly this executive protection agent assumes the role and responsibilities as the advance agent.  Our close executive protection agent was assigned to the client full time and monitored him closely.  This executive protection combination lasted for several months. We found that having an executive protection agent conducting risk assessment, risk analysis, threat assessment and working closely with venue security was worth its weight in gold.  Not only did this agent liaison with venue security, this executive protection agent conducted threat identification training with the venues security staff.  This in turn built a partnership with the venues security as well as enhanced our executive protection operations to come in the future.

Case Study # 4: Executive Protection
A rising star in Chicago / State of Illinois politics began his quest to become an elected official. With a dream team of young professionals behind him orchestrating a tech savvy campaign, they were gaining insurmountable results . As with most Chicago elections, when there’s stiff competition or a worthy candidate, the local politico's resort to desperate moves and smear tactics to deter any political newcomers.

As threats began to surface on the future politician, the campaign dream team of young professionals contacted Secure Options Consulting, LLC for executive protection services. We had a meeting with the campaign staff and we’re immediately retained due to our vast knowledge in executive protection in conjunction with knowing Chicago’s political landscape. Additionally, we were the only executive protection firm in Chicago with the verifiable experience they were looking for in executive protection. Our capabilities presentation and video spoke for itself as we always strive to be the best in the industry in Chicago and nationally.

The Plan: We began this operation like all others, we conducted our executive protection rapid planning process. Once again, this process is like no other in the security and executive protection industry. It allows our team / company to deploy on a moments notice following our principle based standard operating procedures and briefing format.

After speaking with the client it was determined to have two close protection specialists. Our concept of the operation was simple, effective and allowed the client their dream team flexibility while on the campaign trail. This proved to be important because while campaigning and having strict itinerary timelines, we were able to provide a robust executive protection package and streamlined movements. 

Our team thwarted potential threats by quickly spotting surveillance on our principle and executive protection team. Little did these local politicos realize is that we had counter surveillance in place watching them conducting surveillance. The executive / dignitary protection detail proved to be beneficial for our clients giving them all a safe peace of mind as well as competent executive protection.

To this day we are still doing business with them as they are seeking higher office in the near future. 

Case Study # 3: Executive Protection
Executive Protection detail for a Chief Executive Officer of a large manufacturing company. As the company's profits were staggering and much needed change was inevitable, the next logical progression was to explore company layoff's. As the talk amongst employees facing a potential layoff spread throughout the office, a specific employee began making threats to the Chief Executive of the company. The threats initially began online with small hints and clues that an attack on the company and management could become possible. The said employee began talking to co workers that he owned several firearms including an AK47 assault rifle. Some employees didn't take their colleague to seriously and just laughed it off. One employee became frightened and told her superior. As this information finally made its way up to company leaders, they quickly decided the need for some type security countermeasures.

I started the detail remaining with the CEO indefinitely. Our company began our due diligence on the target by conducting several background checks. We learned the person in question did in fact own the AK47, so this led us to believe he was somewhat capable of an attack. We positioned 2 of our private detectives on the target to follow all of his movements. The subject continued posting harmful rhetoric online where it was quasi criminal in nature. We continued around the clock executive protection for the CEO and tracking the targets movements. We installed our executive protection / security deluxe package of layered security technology at the business. This was designed to detect a firearm from as far away from the facility as possible so there was no possible way for an intruder or the subject to launch an active shooter type attack. With all of our proactive measures in place, our company gave our client a strong piece of mind to the executives and other employees. As time went on the employee finally tallied up enough sick days, poor performance ratings, insubordination etc... to get fired. It was quite a relief for the company. We decided to scale back on security gradually by removing our surveillance teams. We kept in place the executive protection detail for several months until the company relocated its business to one of the southern states. We traveled with them and provided our security consulting services on their new facility to include a layered security technology system, integrated with a reputable contract security company. Additionally, we trained all of the company on our Active Shooter Consulting services to include our STAIR concept of situational threat assessment indicator rating to enhance spotting potential workplace violence issues.

Case Study # 2: Executive Protection
A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of the largest Chicago manufacturing plants was being threatened continuously by an ousted board member. The ousted board member had to be peacefully removed from the company property several times by security as well as the newly hired executive protection team.

Upon being retained by the said business they opted to have executive protection security around the clock for the newly appointed CEO. We began this operation utilizing our rapid planning process which is like no other in the Chicago executive protection business. As the CEO was in a private meeting with other executives we found the down time to begin our rapid planning process.

The plan consisted of one executive protection officer assigned to the CEO and another assigned as a security driver. Additional support / investigative personnel were assigned to begin conducting background checks / investigations on the former board member. We also obtained a hasty itinerary of the CEO's upcoming schedule for the day as to not interrupt business operations and meetings. As our ongoing planning and investigations were occurring we were alarmed by the outcome of our threat assessment on the former board member. We decided to incorporate an advanced executive protection maneuver based on the severity of the threat. 

We assigned another executive protection officer to counter surveillance. The counter surveillance officers job is to follow any vehicular and pedestrian movement from further back attempting to identify any surveillance on the CEO's vehicle. Additional duties included to pull counter surveillance on the CEO's residence as well as the company's headquarters. This plan proved to be highly beneficial. After the first day of our services we began our first movement and escorted the CEO to his residence utilizing a covert vehicle. Our top executive protection officer remained with CEO throughout the evening in the spare bedroom while the counter surveillance officer was monitoring the outer perimeter of the residence. 

Our second movement demonstrated why we're the leading executive protection company in the city of Chicago. As we began our movement moving out of a wealthy subdivision our counter surveillance picked up a tail on the CEO's covert vehicle. The tail following the CEO changed lanes several times as to not look suspicious. Our counter surveillance didn't have an issue with this tail. The tail followed our protection team to the manufacturing plant. Based on having this information of a tail following us, we opted to change our drop off location to an interior garage / loading dock are which was enclosed. This was conducted to minimize an attack on principal / the CEO.

Our next course of action was to determine who was following our client. Our counter surveillance officer forwarded the vehicle description, license plate and a picture to our executive protection command post to begin an investigation. Our investigation revealed the tail was in fact a private detective hired by the former board member. For approximately a week this private detective / tail was seen around the CEO's property as well as showing up at and around the company's property.

The company was extremely pleased with our executive protection and counter surveillance service. We prevented any attack on principal while allowing the CEO and company to maintain a strong peace of mind. Additionally, our counter surveillance operations proved to be revolutionary. At times you may have to change up your plans on a movements notice and be flexible yet maintain the professionalism with the client as to not alarm them. Upon completion of the protection detail we've received countless referrals. For this we are extremely grateful.

Case Study # 1: 

Workplace Violence Prevention / Active Shooter Consulting in conjunction with executive protection services.

Secure Options Consulting was retained by one of Chicago's largest marketing firms to conduct Executive Protection services for the president and chief executive officer of the company. While meeting with the firms leadership it was learned that they just terminated a high level executive who was defrauding the company. Upon his termination he made several threats to the company's president / chief executive officer that he would harm her and others. Upon interviewing employees they related their fear of the ex-employee returning with his bad temper, unknown behavior and known drug use of cocaine. As our interview continued several other factors were learned which made this a volatile situation. As we conducted the interview we utilize our signature threat assessment model: Situational Threat Assessment Indicator Rating (STAIR). As this comprehensive interview was occurring we needed to ensure that the continuity of business operations must not be impeded. Our first security course of action was to establish executive protection immediately. The reason being, without a secured environment business cannot be conducted. This same principle applies for high crime areas as well as third world countries. If security / law and order isn't established then chaos rules. With chaos, the general public is unsafe, goods and services cannot be provided effectively. Additionally, businesses and people working will not exist. Without security, it's difficult for cash flow and to keep an economy functioning. 

Executive protection solution:
In conjunction with our client(s) interview my assistant team leader began making notifications to other team members of an impending mission or also known as a warning order. Upon the completion of the warning order my assistant team leader began to conduct a complete security assessment of the marketing firms property. This was completed to identify additional known and unknown threats and their potential courses of action. To complete the package a vulnerability assessment as well as a risk analysis were included.

As the meeting was adjourning and speaking with the client(s) and their legal counsel they asked me how long it would take to put together a security executive protection plan in place and present it to them and other executives. I smiled and related to them that I have plan in place now and I'm ready to brief the plan to them. I gave the executives a summary of our plan to include operations, administration / incident command , operations and support. I then briefed them on the execution phases of the plan. The executives had a concern about how quickly the plan came into fruition since they are not too familiar with executive protection operations. I related to them that our company is based on security executive protection principles, our planning process is streamlined like no other company. Our plans are not absolute, the client can choose any portion of the plan / operation that they like or are budgeted for. Our plan and operations can expand or contract on demand. The entire plan is then tailored to the clients best needs. I further explained to the clients that our rapid planning process, procedures and policies are based on years and I mean years of operational experience in executive protection as well as technical competence in several security disciplines. We learned over the years the necessary steps in executive protection that leadership is the driving force behind our rapid planning process and execution.

I continued to brief the client about the plan and that as we speak I already assigned one of my executive protection personnel to this detail preemptively to establish security and watch my back and the clients back as we conducted our meeting. Additionally, as stated earlier I had my assistant team leader working on the security assessment and that a warning order had been issued to our team of an impending mission. Our plan consisted of an executive protection operator assigned to the president / CEO fulltime along with a executive protection security driver. Another protection operator was assigned to the firm during business hours. A complete security assessment of the firms property and the CEO's residence were conducted. I related that the security assessments findings will be ready for a presentation the following day along with workplace violence / active shooter consulting training. The executives without hesitation quickly approved the our services. 

The executive protection detail continued for approximately 6 weeks. As we continued to evaluate threat levels to the client we recommended to downsize the protection detail after the 6 weeks. The executive protection detail then continued on for approximately 18 months. We honestly felt that the threat levels had diminished greatly based on our physical security upgrades at the clients facility. We recommended to the client that our executive protection services were no longer needed. It was kind of funny, the President of the marketing firm told me my businesses practices were not good since I was giving up a client. I just smiled again, and he thanked me for being an honest executive protection professional. 

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