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School Security Services

The most critical assets we protect at Secure Options are people, and even more critical, is our children we that we send off to school each day.  Schools should be a safe haven for all to learn, however within the past 2 years there have been a significant number of school shootings, school active shooter incidents and school shootings on or close to school property that have targeted students.

According to Education Week, In 2022 there were 51 school shootings across the United States. One school shooting across the globe is one to many. At Secure Options Consulting we take our strategic security vision and a holistic approach when employing our school security services. We examine a schools districts vision, learn student and family needs, customs and any problems students may have. We examine any territorial disputes within the location of the school to be protected as well as examine school crime and crime and critical incidents around the school. Lastly, our school security team is trained and versed in the latest student communication monitoring technologies.  We factor all this relevant information into our School Protective Services Planning Process. 


This process, much like our other strategic security services, includes an annual Physical Security Survey (Security Assessment) of the school - best in class,  Threat Assessment, continual Protective Intelligence monitoring, utilization our Security Operations Center, Active Threat / Active Shooter Training for staff and students, developing / co-developing a schools emergency operations plan. Secure Options can even establish a robust security operations center within your school property or at a satellite location.


Selection of School Security Personnel: Each School Security Officer is trained as a first responder in active threat / active shooter response, de-escalation tactics and techniques, critical crisis communications, CPR certified, Stop the Bleed training and cultural awareness training.

To learn more about our school security services, general school security and consulting services, contact us at or call 1.866.850.6863

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