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Tornado Season - COVID 19 and the Proper Route Selection as an Executive Protection Professional

As we discussed in our previous post about conducting a proper venue advance to become familiar with your surroundings when you're out and about during this COVID 19 tornado season. Equally import is ensure while traveling in your vehicle that your equally prepared. Your probably saying, what does any of this have to do with safety, security and executive protection. We'll, have you driven through a storm or received that mass notification of a tornado near by? I have, and it can be terrifying if not prepared.

As usual, ensure ensure that the gas tank is topped off or at least close to to being topped. Continue with your same executive protection or safety and security load out plan and equipment in your vehicle. The only added equipment you should be thinking about is at minimum have your COVID Personal Protective Equipment, at minimum a few N95 masks, some eye protection and some rubber gloves should you find yourself hunkered down with others and not practicing social distancing.

Route selection. Your route selection is an important part of your movement or trip. Planning the most seamless uneventful route is the way to go. Things to consider, As you begin pulling up your google maps or waze app's trying to find directions, safe locations, hospitals and friendly locations along your route. As an executive protection professional this is your bread and butter. We happen to be in an urban environment and its pretty simple to find safe and friendly locations along our routes and movements in Chicago. We have pre-established networks already in place, a large number of government buildings, hospitals, hotels, police stations etc.. Additionally, we need to plan for weather contingencies. An executive protection security driver trick of the trade that i like to do is download the google maps (offline) and directions to my mobile phones internal memory or SD card. Another measure i take with vehicle directions is that I snap screen shots of the maps and directions as well. When a tornado and severe weather strikes near by, what usually happens with your real time navigation system? You got it, it goes out or becomes non functioning. Having these maps stored ahead of time sets you up for success while trying to avoid the storm or trying to find your safe locations through out your route.

If driving during the storm, attempt to reach one of your safe locations. As long as your not driving at the tornado. If the tornado is imminent, and you are forced to stay in your car, the NWS recommends keeping your seat belt on and making sure your head is covered, below your windshield and windows to protect it from glass. The Red Cross recommends covering your head with a blanket, if you have one in the car.

These are just a handful of executive protection driving tips to get your started if you find yourself traveling during a storm.

From the Executive Protection Team

Secure Options Consulting, LLC

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