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Residential Security Measures - Home Invasion Thwarted by Home Owner

The below link video illustrates some good and bad residential security measures which were in place during a Home Invasion attempt in suburban Chicago.

Ironically, last week on our blog we discussed residential security measures consider employing on your residence to protect you and your family. Additionally, we want a residential security process to include early detection of an intruder, delay and the intruders actions and lastly take some type of response measure. These response measures could be attacking the intruder, fleeing your residence or conducting a lock down in a save room or location.

As we examine this video we noticed the initial approach of the intruders was captured on the home owners Ring door bell camera. Notice, the intruders had on hat, hoods, gloves, right hand in his jacket pocket indicating a possible concealed weapon, one carrying a bag and they were uninvited guests. The one intruder rang the door bell. This proved to be instrumental as this approach could have triggered the motion activation and alerted the home owner as well as the door bell. This is our detection process in place.

Our next process is the delay. The unlocked screen / security door allowed the intruders to forcibly enter the front door of the residence as the home occupants opened the front door as opposed to creating a delay, which could have given the home occupants more time for their response and not let the intruders force their way in. As we spoke in last weeks blog, it's an imperative safe and cheap security solution of locking your doors. Can doors be defeated? Some can, but why not slow down the home invasion by keeping doors locked so the home owners can buy more time for their response. Or another solution is a security rated storm door, but the door also needs to be locked if its being unused by the home occupants.

Lastly, the response. As you see in the video, the home owners violence of action and mindset overwhelmed the home invaders. If you're going to take action as this homeowner shot one of the intruders and fought the 2nd intruder. It's imperative to be as aggressive as this home owner was. At times your best response may also be to flee the residence or lock yourself down in a safe room. Either way you have some options.

Personally speaking we recommended security rated storm doors or exterior doors and keep them locked when not being used!

From the Executive Protection Team

Secure Options Consulting, LLC

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