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Protecting Critical Assets During this COVID Pandemic and Lock Down

"ISIS tells its followers to show no mercy and launch attacks during corona virus crisis amid fears counter-terror efforts will be weakened by the outbreak"

The above photo and caption tells it all. ISIS is telling its followers to launch attacks against the West during this COVID 19 lock down period. One may ask , where can they attack us, we're in lock down or social distancing period. There are no targets ISIS followers to launch an attack.

Guess again, what critical assets are still functioning? Air travel / airports, train, bus depots and grocery stores are currently the most populated venues and offer a pretty good bang for their buck if an attack was launched against them. With Law Enforcement re-deploying assets for this pandemic, these locations may be quite vulnerable.

Although air, train and bus travel ridership has greatly diminished, these locations are a prime target for our terrorists. Additionally, we can't rule out the fact that our guard maybe down while riding on airplanes, buses or trains because we're worried about catching COVID 19 which could lead to the possibility of another transportation sector hijacking or mass casualty incident because our thought process is preoccupied with the virus.

Grocery stores: America has to eat and needs food to survive, although the numbers for shoppers at grocery stores is less, they are still prime targets for terrorists in that they can still inflict mass casualties from 20 up to 100 victims. Grocery store hours have remained same, and a terror group can exploit this opportune time as shoppers and grocery stores are focused on COVID 19 and not an active assailant(s).

As security professionals we need to remain vigilant during this pandemic time and not only keep our mindset focused on mitigating the COVID 19 virus, but also looking at other threats, what vulnerabilities that can be exploited by bad actors and determine the most likely location where such attacks can occur. By protecting our food supply and transportation hubs we can greatly deter and mitigate quickly any such attacks.

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From the Executive Protection and Training Team at

Secure Options Consulting, LLC

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