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Panic Button Options for the Workplace / Enterprise

We have worked with several clients who utilize Alert Media and Rave Mobile Safety applications. These mass notifications systems are very good applications and designed for an enterprise platform. They function off your mobile phone and do have an app / panic button capability which can alert police, key personnel, or security within their organization. If the situation requires select notification of key personnel or security, it can perform that as well. In other words, if you only want your Crisis Management Team notified or only security notified, it has that feature to do so. These are very robust systems with a lot of relevant notification features. You can also use any of the other devices we discussed, but Rave Mobile Safety and Alert Media are designed for the workplace / enterprise system.

Rave Mobile Safety

Alert Media

The last device we are going to discuss is called Riskband. This is our all time favorite panic button and it’s designed for the workplace / enterprise. The device is an excellent and is a strong system. It functions much like a mobile phone but without all the bells and whistles. It’s strictly for your safety and to gather relevant information for your response force. Upon pressing the “panic button” on the device, it establishes immediate communication with your designated response partner, meaning your organization manages the system, not any representative from the riskband company. Like the other devices, your location is disseminated, photos are taken from the device and the information is shared and stored with your response partners. Your response partners then disseminate the information to first responders or your security response team.


From the Executive Protection Training Team @

Secure Options Consulting, LLC


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