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Panic Button Options for Home, Residential and Estate Security

A topic that comes up quite often from security professionals and clients is the use of panic buttons, where can they find them and which one should they get.

Will begin with the home / residential environment. Most of our clients and friends would like a home panic button which is capable of alerting directly to the police or if you can afford a residential security agent. In our city this isn't possible to have that direct alert to the police dispatch center. However, depending where you live, some governments may allow that capability.

We like to recommend for residential environment to have a sufficient amount of phones landline or VOIP phones throughout the home which allows you the insurance to call 911 and the call goes directly to the police dispatch center. Additionally options are your cell phones which most of us carry everywhere, even while at home. The cell phone gives us the 911 option as well as panic button or SOS message. Some phones like the IPhone send an SOS message and notify the police, while my Samsung Note alerts my 3 listed emergency contacts, provides my location, a picture of the direction the phone camera is facing and about 5 seconds of an audio recording.

Another option in the residential environment is if you have an alarm system because it may have the capability on the panel with an emergency button. If you don't see it panic button, call your alarm company to see if you have that capability. On my particular ADT pulse alarm system, I have an emergency panic button along with a key fob with an emergency panic button as well. When the button is activated, it triggers the alarm to the ADT dispatch center, who will try and call you. If the incorrect code or there is no answer, then ADT notify's the police. It's a slight delay but better than nothing. I tested it this evening, and even cleared my alarm with in a second and the ADT dispatcher called me immediately. I was quite impressed with their speed.






Other Residential Security / Executive Protection Panic Button Options:

V.ALRT - Revolar Instinct - GuardianAngel

These next 2 devices function off a mobile phone app as well, however, the only difference is that there is an actual "panic button" that is paired with your mobile phone via Bluetooth radio. This means the "panic button" needs to be relatively close to your phone in order to work. They recommend being within 200' of the device. I would recommend staying closer just to play it safe. Each device will send an alert if the "panic button" loses its Bluetooth connection from the phone which is a nice feature. We are currently using these devices on (2) separate executive protection and residential details with great feedback from our employees and clients because its simplicity.

If our clients need us for an uncomfortable situation, they just simply press the "panic button" and hold it for 2 seconds, the device will immediately and I mean immediately send an email, text and phone call to the emergency contacts (EP agent) within seconds and then sends the clients location over the phone. Since we are outside, present or a room away from our client, we know their specific location. These devices work well in the residential security setting as well. Another great feature with these devices is that there is no monthly service fee. There is just a one time purchase price. We have not had any technical issues yet with these simple devices other than changing out the batteries every few months.

Our last application that we will discuss is the GuardianAngel mobile app. we utilize this app on a daily basis. This app has a panic button feature that’s user friendly and accessible. It provides you with 24/7 monitoring of your location from a staffed emergency response center. It also has features to contact them via email, call or text. Lastly, they provide you with tailored travel notifications regarding your location.


Revolar Instinct


From the Executive Protection Training Team @

Secure Options Consulting, LLC

200 W Madison St. - Suite 2100

Chicago, IL 60642


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