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The last few days in Chicago we saw massive spike in expressway shootings and carjackings in close proximity to the Central Business District. Armed with this information (no pun intended) as executive protection / security drivers requires us to be even more diligent in our pre trip movement planning, vehicle inspections, protective intelligence gathering and client briefings.

Pre trip movement and route selection. Ensure as the security driver you have your primary and alternate routes mastered. Not only mastered from point A to B, but also mastered from anywhere in between where you may have to exit the expressway immediately from an evasive action or because traffic was re-routed to that particular exit because of a expressway shutdown. As we will discuss in our protective intelligence gathering, know the threat landscape of each exit you that may be forced to take as your route changes.

Our vehicle inspections remain the same and definitely ensure the gas tank is topped off as you maybe stuck in traffic on a closed down expressway. You may even consider some additional hard copy newspapers just to ease your clients eyes as you maybe idle on the expressway for a long period of time.

Protective Intelligence gathering. Much of this information should be already completed around the Central Business District and the EPO's / Security Driver should be extremely aware of these surroundings. If you're not, now is the time to study this information. Much of this can be found on open source from the local media and local crime statistics on the internet. Additionally, gather this information on each location and exit that your route will take you through. The reason for this is because in Chicago, you'll be potentially be passing through some neighborhoods with extremely high crime rates or there is a crime pattern that maybe occurring. As the security expert you'll need to know each of these areas around your route and direction of travel. Prepare yourself ahead of time on what actions you'll take in the event there is a expressway shooting which you are the intended / unintended targets, expressway shutdown / re-route or a carjacking.

Briefing your client. Brief your client prior to departure on your movement and the information you discovered. Explain it professionally as not to alarm your client but just give some insight the information learned, what to possibly expect and a brief review on AOP movements weather they be direct or indirect.

For more information on Chicago Executive Protection Services you can reach us at 866.850.6863 or leave us an email @

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