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Executive Level Protection at Home and While Traveling in Your Vehicle

As we are in week 3 in this COVID lock down casualities of the virus are begining to climb. There is much uncertainty for the next few weeks. Many people are panic shopping excessively depleting stores of sensitive items, resources and critical assets. As this uncertainty sets in we all become more vulnerable at the home front, in our houses of worship, at our businesses and while traveling in our vehicles. Desperate people take desperate actions in order to survive. Several of our on call clients reached out to us provide them with some safe solutions, relevant training that is applicable to their environment which we just stated above. Our executive protection training cadre developed the following courses to meet our clients specific needs for personal and family protection. Our latest training courses include:

- Protecting Houses of Worship

- Residential Home Protection Course

- Business Protection Course

- Commercial Property Protection Course

- Defensive Driver Protection Course

For more information on these training courses, feel free to reach us at or call toll free at 866 850 6863

From the Executive Protection Staff

Secure Options Consulting, LLC

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