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Demolition of Smoke Stack goes Wrong in Chicago Residential Emergency Preparedness

Many of our executive protection clients also request information regarding residential emergency preparedness. Additionally, in our Residential Security Assessment we also provide vital preparedness information.

Just a few days in the Little Village Neighborhood in Chicago, demolition crews demolished an old coal burning smoke stack. Sadly, the by product of this created a massive plume of contaminants throughout this area causing a massive hazard to many residents during this COVID pandemic. Not only do many have COVID / respiratory issues, this contaminated air doesn't help, especially with a shortage of N95 masks and air purifying respirators (APR).

We always recommend keeping at least a small box or batch of N95 masks at home prior to any incident occurring. My N95's were stored in my closet since 2010, using them now, 10 years later during this pandemic. For these poor residents , they have 2 major incidents to deal with now. Having those N95's or APR's can save some short / long term issues.

What we recommend , if you can afford it, is purchasing an AVON or 3M air purifying respirators (APR's) and keeping them stored at home. You can find them at:

Ensure you get the appropriate particulate filters or a combination filter for particulates and gases.

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From the Executive Protection Team @

Secure Options Consulting, LLC

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