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Choosing the Appropriate Security Service Provider: Chicago, Illinois

Choosing the Appropriate Security Service Provider:

Often when submitting a security proposal in Chicago, Illinois we are asked by prospective clients why should we choose Secure Options Consulting as our security service provider. As you know, in Chicago Illinois there is much competition in the security industry. Many companies do not make the grade and play by the rules being properly licensed and insured. Many organizations bypass professional regulation rules and laws. A quick internet search of security service providers in Chicago Illinois illustrates this. Professional and legal security firms must post on any advertisement their security agency license number. In this blog post we’ll discuss why Secure Options Consulting is a solid choice to be your security service provider in Chicago Illinois.

Professional Standards and Board Certification:

Secure Options takes professional standards board certification seriously. So serious that the company owner / Chief Executive Officer has obtained two of the most coveted Board Certifications in the security industry. The Certified Protection Professional – CPP® and the Physical Security Professional – PSP® from ASIS International. Each board certification requires years of professional experience coupled with academic achievement in that the security professional must pass a rigorous written test. Additionally, our ownership and senior management have relevant law enforcement experience combined with their security expertise and experience. Lastly, ownership and senior management also share many law enforcement and security instructor certifications. This teaching experience and expertise allows us to train our employees exceeding the security industry standards and state security training regulations.

Security Operational Process: Just about all our competitors just provide security staffing without a relevant security process and plan. Many security providers just don’t have the technical competence to implement nor understand a sound security operation process.

Step 1. PREVENTION: Secure Options Security process will begin with conducting a security assessment of your footprint along with the outlying perimeter and boundaries. The security assessment consists of a Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Assessment / Protective Intelligence, Solutions and Countermeasures and a Risk Analysis of all your findings to prevent future crime and disorder problems. This will be conducted as part of a value add with no cost to the client.

Vulnerability Assessment: A security Vulnerability Assessment is used to determine any short comings in the current security, processes, functions, technology currently in use which can be exploited by criminals and bad actors to commit a host of crimes or other activity.

Threat Assessment / Protective Intelligence: A security Threat Assessment is used for identifying, forecasting the most likely threats your company or client will encounter. This is conducted through a historical and current research of crime reports, current threat and criminal landscape, our social media and mass media monitoring, interviews with key personnel, citizens, and other confidential sources within our intelligence network. We look at the “How as opposed to the Who”. Additionally, the process also includes the Insider Threat as well. This is a continual day to day process as well, as our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) feeds live relevant & emergency alert information to our field security officers working on your property.

Global Security Operations Center: The Global Security Operations Center is the Information HUB of our security services to be monitored by 24/7. All field personnel are monitored at their specific location. Any relevant security related intelligence is relayed to our field security personnel through the GSOC. Continuous intelligence monitoring is occurring at this location as well. We also have the capability to encompass a mobile Security Operations Center

Solutions and Countermeasures: This is a recommendation from our subject matter security experts in determining the appropriate security solution and level of protection for the identified security vulnerabilities noted security threats. Our solutions and countermeasures consist of multiple options as cost is a significant factor in choosing the appropriate level of protection. We always try to ensure there are concentric rings / multiple layers of protection. (Also known as overlapping security coverage, so if one system fails, another security system or process will still be in position to reduce the likelihood of a crime committed.)

Step 2. Deterrence: Is the act of stopping unwanted activity or criminal activity from happening. Our deterrence strategy will consist of a visible security presence. The visible security agent will be in uniform or a requested proactive dress code. The visible agents will wear the appropriate personal protection equipment and communications will signify to adversaries of a continual guard force on the site even though one may not be present. Lastly, guards will conduct visible / static surveillance in positions, vehicle or guard house which they’re clearly visible to the public in order for bad actors and criminals who are conducting hostile surveillance to observe our security guards.

Step 3. Detection: Detection is the act of the security guard force identifying crime or other hostile action prior to it happening. As the security guard is briefed and armed with continual protective intelligence updates from our company GSOC, it enables our guard force to know what to look during their tour of duty. This information is once again delivered to our security guard force at the beginning of their tour of duty and throughout their tour of duty as situations and circumstance in the field continually change. We disseminate this information on several platforms to include, mobile phone conversations, text message, encrypted mobile messaging, email and portable radio communications. Additionally, our guards will also be physically trained in methods of operations and movements (MO’s) that adversaries employ for our security guards to accelerate their detection process.

Step 4. Response and Mitigation: Trained and informed with the appropriate knowledge, tools, skills and abilities alongside with continual updated intelligence will enhance our security guards response time to an intruder. An expedited response time ensures reduces the likelihood of crime or property damage to your company.

Step 5. Business Resumption: Applying the previous 4 steps with professional security guards allows your organization to continue business operations uninterrupted. Normal business operations continue saving you time which could have been lost should an interruption occur. This in turn gives your organization a sound return on investment ROI.

Should you or your organization be seeking a professional Strategic Security Service provider you can learn more at or contact us at 866.850.6863 or

With every request for service (RFS) submitted a complete list of references and additional qualifications / resume is submitted.

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