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Residential Security Tips during a Pandemic from an Executive Protection and Security Expert

Residential burglaries, thefts of packages and other larceny occurs even during this pandemic and lock down period. It's imperative of us to stay vigilant and take a quick examination of the above photo's statistics regarding residential burglaries.

Most burglaries occur on the first floor, from unlocked doors, most of the time, access is gained from a door, window, or even garage door. An old trick of the trade burglars and gypsy crews utilize is knocking on the door to your residence, if you don't answer , they assume you're not home, and then they boot the door in, make entry and begin their crime spree. If your door is unlocked, then they have an easier means of entry. Additionally, another method of operation (MO) these thieves use is to determine if you have perimeter fencing or whats called privacy fencing that you cant see through that's at least 6 feet in height. This enables the criminals to operate with impunity from outside in the back yard because they cant be seen. Privacy fences provide you with privacy when your home in your yard, however when your not home it provides just as much privacy to a skilled burglar.

What can we do to protect ourselves yet not make our home a prison?

If cost is a factor, we recommend the proper mindset and ensure all of your doors and windows remain locked, especially the easily accessible windows and doors. Start a block watch club with neighbors which increases your blocks situational awareness. Keep your exterior lights on, yard lights on throughout the night to ensure a well illuminated property which is a deterrent to criminals

If Cost is not so much a factor, Install open view perimeter security fencing with locked gates, at least 6' tall around your entire property.

Install an intrusion detection system (burglar alarm) protecting any opening (doors windows, ports that someone can fit through)less than 14' from the ground and protecting the garage. You can get good alarm systems from less than &60.00 a month for a 3000 square foot home. Ensure you have passive infrared motion (PIR )motion detectors complimenting your door and window alarms. Additionally, have glass breakage alarms and shock sensor alarms installed on windows and large doors with glass or sliding glass doors. I'm currently using an ADT alarm system. It functions off cellular service but has worked flawlessly, I used a lot of overlapping coverage between certain areas which contain critical or valuable assets. The technicians thought I was a little overboard until I explained that if I have an item that has a value of over $50,000.00 why would I only spend $25.00 on a single sensor coverage. Hopefully that makes sense. Another good reason for these alarm systems are that they are monitored by 24/7 by trained dispatchers who notify you and the police if an alarm is detected.

Self install burglar alarms are another fine option. These self install alarm systems which have a one time cost and normally run about $1000.00 - $2000.00 depending on how many sensors you purchase. However these alarms operate off of your internet connection and you self install and monitor these alarm systems. I wouldn't recommend them if you have a home over 3000 to 3500 square feet. I've been using a system called Piper for about 5 years and it works real well. I continue to use this systems as it works in conjunction with my ADT system. It started out as an experiment and I grew to love both systems i'm using.

If you really have money to burn then i'd consider an access controlled perimeter security fence and gate system to include a video camera and on it as well. Additionally, I'd look into a fully perimeter video surveillance system that has resolution of at least 1080P which can clearly identify a person or intruder on approach.

These are just a few considerations we utilize when conducting an executive protection level residential security assessment. For more specific information and security consulting services feel free to contact us at or call 866 850 6863

From the Executive Protection Staff @

Secure Options Consulting, LLC

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Contact a locksmith or a security personnel and they will check the security system of your home. If your home security level is less then they will install the high security devices in your home to enhance security.

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