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A train engineer allegedly derailed a locomotive near the USNS Mercy intentionally

On an earlier blog post this past week we discussed likely critical assets that could be targeted by terror groups and bad actors. Transportation hubs were noted on our likely locations. To take it a step further, just a few days later, a train engineer from California intentionally runs his locomotive off the railroad tracks and in hope of striking the USNS Mercy, a Navy Hospital Ship, which was docked.

Rarely have we seen this, a train engineer conducting an attack intentionally. I personally have never seen this. Lets take this a step further. What do we do if terror groups and bad actors are targeting commuter or Amtrak trains for hijacking and eventually crashing them intentionally,? Sound familiar with airplanes? Normally we're looking at the train stations and depots as likely attack targets for a mass casualty incident, however the train and diver now ad another dynamic into the equation. It's imperative that we as security, law enforcement and executive protection professionals consider this type of attack a reality. Thankfully this recent attack didn't cause any injuries. It's time for us protection professionals to add this incident to our list of lessons learned, plan and train in preventing / mitigating such a future attacks.

From the Executive Protection staff at

Secure Options Consulting, LLC

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