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Tornado Season - COVID 19 - Executive Protection and the importance of conducting a Venue Advance

It's that time of year in the mid-west and the rest of the country. Yes, Tornado season coupled with COVID 19 medical threat. As climates change from back and forth from cold to warm weather the likelihood for tornadoes increases. To make matters worse, we are still dealing with the COVID 19 problem. Travel and daily movement is minimal if not restricted. When we do decide we're going to make a movement, go shopping etc.. we need to plan ahead. We recommend to our clients and executive protection partners to conduct some type of advance of the location your traveling too. If not formal, at least take a moment to be comfortable with your surroundings should you find yourself involved in a tornado or severe storm. Look for areas that can provide strong shelter, support and avoid being around windows. If possible, look for an underground area, such as a basement or storm cellar, which provides the best protection from a tornado. If an underground shelter is unavailable, consider the following:

· Seek a small interior room or hallway on the lowest floor possible

· Stay away from doors, windows, and outside walls

· Stay in the center of the room, and avoid corners because they attract debris

· Rooms constructed with reinforced concrete, brick or block with no windows and a heavy concrete floor or roof system overhead

· Avoid auditoriums, cafeterias and gymnasiums that have flat, wide-span roofs.

· Think COVID 19, Remember your N95 mask, eye protection and your gloves should you find yourself away from your residence and around other people

You can find other helpful information at

Additional helpful safety, security and executive protection tips regarding tornadoes are:

Know the difference between a Tornado Watch and a Tornado Warning.

Tornado Watch - Tornadoes are likely to occur in the watch area. Be ready to act quickly and take shelter, and check supply kits. Monitor radio and television stations for more information.

Tornado Warning - Imminent threat - A tornado has been sighted in the area or has been indicated by radar. Take shelter immediately.

Your local emergency management office can provide information about your community’s tornado warning system.

Attached is our company's Executive Protection Advance Form. Utilize this form to aid you when traveling or going to an unfamiliar location during this Tornado Covid 19 season!

Best regards,

The Executive Protection and Security Team

Secure Options Consulting, LLC

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