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Monthly Newsletter

Summer 2016

Security Consulting Newsletter

Volume # 14


Welcome to the summer of 2014 security consulting newsletter. The ongoing trend of terror attacks continues throughout the world as well as recent attacks in the United States. As Chicago’s leader in the security industry we aim to inform our clients and residents of these significant incidents and threats. Not only do we have to contend with natural disasters, the rise of armed violent street crime and terrorism requires all of us to be prepared, be aware of surroundings and report suspicious activity. A San Bernardino type attack took place in Orlando Florida at the Pulse nightclub, which was a nightclub for the LGBT community resulting in 49 killed and 53 wounded. Additionally, just days ago a terrorist bombing in in New Jersey and New York wounded 29. A Massive manhunt took place in which 1 terrorist was taken into custody after fierce firefight with law enforcement. Below you’ll be able to click on our links sources and read the chain of events in both of these incidents.

Major Incidents:

1. Terror IED’s Bombing New York and New Jersey:

2. Terror Active Threat / Stabbing at Minnesota Mall: 

3. Police Officer Ambushed in Philadelphia and Shot 18 times:

4. Terror Attack / Active Shooters/ Hostage Taking in Afghanistan: 

5. Terror Active Threat /Knife Attack in Virginia:

6. Terrorism Prevention Arrest Canada:

7. Terror Active Threat /Stabbing Switzerland:

8. Terror Active Threat / Stabbing Belgium:

9. Terror Active Threat / Stabbing UK:

10. Terrorism Prevention Arrest Washington DC:

11. ISIS Aiming to Kidnap Police in the UK: 

12. Organized Crime Hostage Taking Brazil:

13. Terror Active Threat /Hostage Taking with Knives France:

14. Active Threat / Knife Attack Japan:

15. Terror Bombing Germany:

16. Terror Active Shooter Related (ISIS):

17. Street Crime / Active Shooter:

18. Terror Prevention Arrest (ISIS):

19. Terror Active Shooter Munich Mall:

20. Prevention Terror Arrest Brazil:

21. Terror Bomb Located Australia:

22. Terror Active Threat Axe Attack (ISIS):

23. Prevention Train Station Bombing Israel:

24. Active Shooter at Florida Hospital:

25. Active Shooter Targeting Police Baton Rouge:

26. Terror Active Threat / Truck Attack (ISIS):

27. Terror Hostage Taking India:

28. Terror Active Threat / Stabbing Israel:

29. Organized Crime / Active Threat Stabbing Sacramento CA:

30. Terror Hostage Taking Somalia:

31. Terror Active Shooter Germany:

32. Active Shooter Prevention Washington DC:

33. Active Shooter Washington State:

34. Attack on Dignitary in England:

35. Workplace Violence Hostage Taking:

36. Terror Attack Killing 2 French Police Officials:

37. Terror Prevention Arrest in Ukraine:

38. Active Shooter Prevention Arrest California:

39. Terror Active Shooter in Orlando (ISIS):

40. Terror Active Shooter in Israel:

41. Terror Active Shooter UCLA California:

42. Active Shooter Houston:

Top 10 Scams of 2015 Better Business Bureau (BBB):

What to do when confronted with an Active Shooter / Threat:

Run, Hide, Fight! Many consultants and trainers are for and against this concept for various reasons. Mostly monetary. I myself am a big advocate of this training video. It single handedly is the most effective training video in regards to Active Shooters / Active Threats. If you or your organization is on a shoe string budget, this is what you need to watch and study to increase your survivability.

Multiple Active Shooters: The bar has been raised once again in this country. Your chances for surviving an Active Shooter incident with multiple shooters is a lot more difficult. That's why it's imperative to have solid procedures in place, practice and train these procedures to a worst case scenario. You must have the mindset to survive.

Below is the link to the video. I will also expound on each topic so you can understand their importance and why we would do this.

Run: Why run? Running gives you time and options. It gives you a chance to survive. It is extremely difficult for a shooter to strike a moving target , period. Believe me from experience. Just like birds scatter right away when you approach them. We need to do the same, move and run fast. Remember when you were a kid playing dodge ball, did you just let your opponent nail you with the ball? Of course not. You moved or ran away to a different location. Make the bad guy work a little bit if they choose to make you a victim.

Hide:We are all pretty good at this from playing hide and seek. We are hiding to avoid detection from the bad guy. If we avoid detection, we survive. Additional tips include, locking any doors if you're in a room, barricade the door if time permits, turn off the lights, maybe close some blinds and remain quiet. Don't answer the door or move until rescued by police or the proper authority.

Fight: If you cannot run or hide, as a last resort, fight. This is very difficult for many people, none of us signed up to be instant security or police officers at work or school. The fact of the matter is that you have an immediate life or death problem. You owe it to your families to give it your best shot and not be a victim. You owe it to all of those who have died before us in previous active shooter incidents to fight. Even better, if multiple people around you are fighting the bad guy to increase your chances. Be creative, use whatever object can make the perfect weapon to take the bad guy down or out of commission. It can be done!!!! Look at what those American Servicemen accomplished in France. They prevented multiple casualties and displayed to the rest of the world why America is and always will be a great country.

Data Privacy: Take Steps to Safeguard Your Information

Protecting your personal information can appear to be a daunting task – however, there are simple steps all Americans can take to protect themselves and their privacy online. Start with these steps from the Stop.Think.Connect.™ Campaign:

Secure your devices. Take advantage of lock screens, passwords, and fingerprint capabilities to secure your Smartphone's, tablets, and computers.Set strong passwords. Make your passwords complex and change them regularly.Own your digital life. Think carefully about what you post online. Everything you put on the Internet – photos, tweets, and blogs – will be out there for people to see forever. Take ownership of your digital life by making sure that only what you want to be seen is posted.Customize the settings on your accounts and apps. Many accounts and apps include default settings that promote more informationsharing. Check your account settings to ensure only the information you want to share is visible to those people you want to share it with.Think before you act. Be wary of communications that implore you to act immediately, offer something that sounds too good to be true, or ask for personal information. During Data Privacy Day and throughout the year, we encourage all Americans to weigh the benefits and risks of sharing information, to understand what their information is being used for, and to take steps to protect their identities.

For more information on how to get involved with and promote Data Privacy Day, please visit

Tornado Information

It's that time of year for tornadoes. has many safety tips on what to do if a tornado strikes. Visit>

Hurricane Information

This concludes our monthly newsletter, from the staff at Secure Options Consulting LLC, - Safe Solutions in Security Consulting and Executive Protection

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